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-Reducing Energy Costs-

Fujitsu Ductless Split Heat Pump

IN Control and HVAC Systems is passionate about reducing energy consumption.  Roughly 48% of North America's household energy consumption is from heating, cooling, and ventilation.  Switching from electric baseboard to an air-sourced heat pump will reduce annual heating costs by up to 70% and provide air-conditioning in the summer months.  With a pay-back period of about 4 years and a life-cycle of over 20 years, serious energy savings are realized.  That's better for your bank account, better for the planet, and better for your level of comfort.

As a Fujitsu Elite Contractor you can trust the quality of our installations and service.  In fact, when you choose us as your heat pump contractor your warranty is increased t o 12 years.


Now is a great time to consider upgrading your heating and cooling system with substantial rebates available to residential and commercial customers.     

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